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4 min readDec 6, 2021
Blockchain dating app Amore

Currently, a large section of the population has shifted to online dating. Most of the younger audience tries to find the most suitable life partner online. Although matchmaking has been persistent throughout history, the sheer amount of concentration it has received in recent years is unparalleled. Here, the article will focus on the market size, issues, and solutions for the online dating industry through the use of blockchain.

The Market Size of the Online Dating Industry

Online dating is one of the fastest-growing digital industries to date. Currently, it completes an annual business of 3 billion US dollars in the US market. In other countries also, people have embraced online dating, with more users creating their profiles on such platforms every passing day. Therefore, the revenue projections for high-end online dating projects are positive and promising.

According to research sources, dating applications such as Woo, TrulyMadly, Tantan, and many more have become extremely popular in India, with an aggregated turnover expected to be around 800 million USD by 2024. Most people embracing the platform are millennials, currently the dominating group amongst most world populations. Therefore, the market opportunity and growth are immense to lure companies to create and promote dating platforms.

The Main Problem

Suppose you are lucky enough to find the perfect person for yourself on an online dating platform; you don’t want a third person to be a part of it. However, the problem exasperates when your dating application becomes the middleman in your relation. Data sharing, data tracking across devices, and other money-seeking actions can damage the essence of having a harmonious relationship. In many cases, Amore considers these applications to be unethical. The online matchmaking ecosystem needs to renovate itself to ensure better privacy and safety of the users.

Other Problems

The main problem gives rise to numerous related problems as well:

  • User Data Issues: Many information, especially personal information, is shared online when dating. As a result, most people are at risk of identity theft and other data privacy issues. A major issue is that most platforms currently use centralized storage systems. Therefore, a single breach may cause damage to the data of numerous users.
  • Privacy Issues: Consuming the data available on dating applications means that many related services can track you and use your performance history to suggest products and related advertisements. Therefore, you lose control over your data.
  • Fakeness: Scam and fake profiles are common among online dating platforms. Such profiles can mislead people and cause serious issues for them in the future.
  • Safety issues: You come at risk by sharing your personal information. Also, the conversations that occur on these platforms can be shared elsewhere.
  • Recurring Memberships: You need to pay periodically for the services of such platforms. Therefore, overpriced memberships can become a severe burden on your finances.

All these issues create an online dating environment where you may find true love but may lose out more in the process. Therefore, Amore considers it its duty to create an alternative solution to keep you safe and offer you the best services.

How Does Amore Overcome These Problems?

Amore takes a decentralized system that can allow complete transparency in online dating. The BSC blockchain technology is used to power the platform, which means that everything is as transparent as possible. Amore will release its token named AMORE which will govern all the required functions of the dating application. Amore uses these functions to ensure the best services to the users. However, the best part is that there is no need to pay any recurring fee or excessive advertisement expenses with a token at hand.

AMORE token has the benefit of no expiry. Remember, it isn’t a membership. Instead, it is a real blockchain token that can be held for as long as needed. Additionally, the token has a fixed supply using the burn mechanism to ensure fair value.

Amore also offers people the chance to get free extras using the platform. You can control who you want to match with. Please wait for our future articles to learn more about the features we are planning to offer on Amore.

What Amore Envisions?

The quality team of Amore has a collective experience in Blockchain of many years. Over the past few years, we have collected the best blockchain experts from around the globe to plan out and develop the next-generation dating platform. However, the issues related to blockchain acceptance deter us from publicly announcing the name of our team members.

Amore believes in a decentralized and safe system with no privacy issues during online dating. For us, ensuring that people can earn good returns and save considerable money when dating online is the right direction for online dating’s future.

Our system will only accept AMORE tokens as a currency. Additionally, we give each user the feasibility to deposit tokens taken from elsewhere in our system. This way, you get the maximum utility of our services and can have an excellent online dating experience while saving considerable sums of money.

What is the Future of Amore?

Amore believes in revolutionizing the way people think about online dating. Such revolutionized ideology will help people be safe, transparent and save considerable sums during their dating experience. Additionally, their data shall be decentralized, with minimal chances of a data breach. In the long-term, dating may shift completely online, with people preferring such match-making over casual alternatives.

The Bottomline

Amore is on the journey to change the online dating experience for you! Be a part of this journey by joining us today.

We will release our website soon. All the aspects of the AMORE platform will be discussed in the whitepaper and subsequent medium articles.

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Amore Dating

Amore is on the journey to change the online dating experience for you! Be a part of this journey by joining us.